Tuesday, 1 January 2013

New Year, Fresh Start | 30 by 30 list

First of all, Happy New Year!!! I can’t believe I am blogging on the first day of the New Year and it feels awesome!! I have not been paying much attention to my blog and my posts have been few and far in between. But I have a plan; a plan to change things for the better in a lot of ways.

2012 was amazing, frustrating, exciting, exasperating, and much more. There was a lot I did accomplish in the year that went by, but there was so much more I could do. And that’s why this year I am starting off well; planning right from the very beginning.

Making New Year’s resolutions is very common and old school and everyone does this every freaking year. And it is forgotten before we know it. So I am not making resolutions as such. I am making a list - a list of things that I want to do.

Three years ago, I made a ‘25 by 25 list’ – a list of 25 things I wanted to do before I turned 25. I had made this list just as I had turned 23 and two years was a very short period of time to accomplish everything on that list and that kind of defeated the purpose.

Now that I am about to turn 26, I have a little over four years before I turn 30 and that gives me enough time to do most of the things in the list. And I have ensured that the goals are kind of achievable. Some of the things are going to be a one-time-only kind of a thing or targets to be achieved before I turn 30, whereas others are things I should be doing on a continuous basis.

As I write this and make it public, I have every intention of doing every single thing on this list. But as time passes, things may change, goals may change, I may change and then, I may not want the things I want now. So these things are subject to change. What won’t change, is the fact that by the time I turn 30, I will do 30 things I have never done before or have done differently so far!!

So here’s the list of the 30 things I want to do between January 1, 2013 and April 30, 2017.

  1. Stay fit.
  2. Read 112 books (one book every two weeks) that I’ve never read before that include at least 20 classics and write a review. (Book Reviews)
  3. Participate in and provide monetary assistance to at least one Social Cause.
  4. Learn Spanish or re-learn French.
  5. Learn how to bake.
  6. Learn how to make Ice-cream.
  7. Learn how to design a web page.
  8. Dye the tip of my hair pink.
  9. Get married.
  10. Have a baby (or on the way.)
  11. Make a 101 in 1001 list
Lifestyle Goals
  1. Take at least three trips abroad in three different continents and take a break/vacation every six months.
  2. Visit some place where there's snow.
  3. Experience Adventure Sports on at least one of the trips.
  4. Live in another country for at least six months.
  5. Buy another vehicle – one that has twice the number of wheels of the one I currently own.
  6. Learn how to properly and safely drive it.
  7. Own 500 books (I currently own about 170 books. Will check and update this.)
  8. Have an amazing shoe & handbag/purse/ clutch collection.
  9. Buy a house 
Writing Goals
  1. Participate in NaNoWriMo every year and write 50,000+ words each year. (Related Posts)
  2. Write and complete three books.
  3. Get the books Published.
  4. Write one short story a month except November, i.e., at least 52 more short stories by April 2017.
  5. Experiment with different genres. Explore different writing styles.
  6. Watch a movie every two weeks and write a 200-500 word review. (Movie Reviews)
  7. Blog at least once a week (apart from the reviews.) (Related Posts)
Crafting & Card Shop Goals
  1. Have at least ten people working under me for the Card Shop.
  2. Have 101 regular/frequently buying customers.
  3. Create something for myself once in three months. 
There’s my list. It’s ambitious, but it’s good to dream big, because only then will dreams come true.

Here’s hoping for a great 2013 for everyone!! Happy New Year! :)



  1. Wish u tonnes of luck :) loved it btw!

  2. :) came across your blog today......i personally like reading blogs they give an insight to a different world.....read a few of urs and looking forward to read more of it :)

  3. :) came across your blog today......i personally like reading blogs they give an insight to a different world.....read a few of urs and looking forward to read more of it :)

    1. Thanks Yogita!!! Glad you liked it.. :)

    2. apart from books......blogs r what i read :)
      never knew u had one.....m a ghostreader in case of blogs :)please keep writing......

  4. Good luck! You're a lot more ambitious than I am, my resolutions for the new year consisted of telling celebrities what they should be doing!

    1. Thank you so much Kellie!!! Your resolutions sound fun too... Will hop on to your blog to see who all you told off!! :


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